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it is an independently owned design studio from Corvallis, Oregon. We currently concentrate on design but we now have capabilities in several areas. We are a fresh company and our expertise is restricted, however, we attempt to go forward and gain the precious experience essential for industry. The company first joined together beneath the creative direction of Jake Likewise. We are still during the early stages of development and currently lack a particular part of focus. This allows us to discover our capabilities to be a company and develop skills in a very huge selection subjects. We want to provide you with the customer using the very best experience all night . the capabilities to satisfy most of their requirements can be a priority.

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My name is Jake Likewise and I am the founder of Eightfold Studios. I live to generate, that will create to inspire. I am currently 21 years old residing in Corvallis, Oregon. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sodales urna venenatis dolor fermentum euismod. Aenean malesuada, velit id ornare vulputate, leo urna rutrum lorem, sit amet viverra leo nisi ut velit. Quisque vitae risus orci, at lacinia massa. Vivamus sed aliquam nulla. Duis adipiscing, justo non lacinia semper, purus justo viverra sem, non dictum eros risus id justo. Cras sed magna nec eros rutrum tincidunt sed convallis mi. Sed pellentesque viverra nibh non pharetra. Aliquam ut tellus id mauris scelerisque molestie. Sed ullamcorper nulla vitae sem tempus laoreet. Integer nibh elit, rutrum eu dictum fringilla, tristique in mauris. Nulla at eros eu metus dapibus iaculis a ut felis. Sed ut nulla est, ut facilisis ante. Phasellus vitae nibh mauris. Integer et turpis quis turpis dictum vestibulum. Integer orci odio, dapibus at pretium sit amet, ultricies eget lacus. Maecenas sit amet tellus lorem, ac malesuada ligula. Nunc tristique sapien at elit commodo molestie. Duis non quam metus. Nullam congue, urna non elementum placerat, nisi massa sagittis quam, et luctus risus dui

Our game was inspired by Farmville. In Farmville therefore several games, your score means nothing. Who cares what level they're in Farmville? We wanted a game title where your score was integral to your design.

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